Partner With Pictures

What Dick Durrance discovered travelling the world as a photographer…and shares with you…is how much THINKING VISUALLY, creating snapshots in your mind, helps you create the vision you need to lead your teams and live your life to the fullest.

In his new program titled “Partner With Pictures” he guides you through three key ideas for tapping into your creative vision:

Trusting the visual and the analytical powers of your mind.

Connecting with people from other walks of life, people who broaden your vision.

Journeying into your self to be sure you are harnessing natural gifts and creative vision to your core values.

He also introduces four photographic tools for communicating your vision to your team, clients and prospects

Light that brings life to the most important elements in the image.

Lines that lead viewers into the picture.

Colors that amplify the emotion in the situation.

Shapes that frame the most important ideas being communicated by the photograph.

Additional keynotes are available and can be tailored to meet your specific needs:
Dream Like A Champion
Unleash Your Creative Vision

Following the keynotes, he leads you through a series of unique … and fun … exercises in which you use the camera in your phones to apply the key ideas in the talk to your lives.

You walk away from the program understanding much more about harnessing the power of mental images to create the vision you need to lead your teams and knowing more about selecting the storytelling photographs you need to powerfully communicate that vision to your teams, clients and prospects.

For participants who are excited about taking better pictures or who would like learn more about selecting pictures for their communications, Dick Durrance offers consulting sessions and photographic workshops. Both the consulting services and photographic workshops are offered as added values to the keynote.