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The Importance of Adventures 

  Have you ever been on an adventure that changed your life? What if you had not gone on that adventure? I recently realized that, if I had made the Olympic ski team, I could not have joined an expedition paddling canoes down the Danube River. My pictures would not have been published in National Geographic. My career as a photographer might never have happened.

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Seeing things for what else they are. 

  Since grade school, we have been taught to use words to describe and numbers to analyze. But, how many of us have been taught to use images as visual metaphors to expand our minds? In what other ways can you look at things to see them in a new light?

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In Honor of New Beginnings


  As a New Year arrives, we have the opportunity to see the world around us in a new light. I find myself asking … is there anything more I can do to bring to my endeavors the very best I have to offer? How about you?

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Collaboration, Innovation and Solutions

Adv.Boat designer.eCard 

  By understanding people and their needs, we can figure out ways to work with them. That is the core of collaboration. With collaboration comes innovation and, in innovation, we find the solution to challenges.

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The Past As Prologue


  In the “Tempest”, Shakespeare wrote: “What’s past is prologue.” Perhaps not always, but the past can guide our choices when we face big changes. Looking back often helps one see what is possible and what steps are needed to make it happen. The next time you face a big change, why not take a moment to look back at your life?

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  When you reach out and connect with people, you begin to care about them. “When you care about people, You develop the courage to act.” Lao Tzu

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Seeing and Thinking


  Have you noticed that when you look at people or objects visually, you see the whole of them at once; but, when you think about them analytically, you consider them as they move through time, from the past to the present … even into the future. I have found that when the visual and analytical facets of my mind work together, they fill my mind with possibilities, like a glitter ball scattering shafts of light.

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Connecting With Your Core Values 

  I have found that it doesn’t matter where you go to connect with your core values. What matters is that you find a place, make time to go there, … take a deep breath… and allow your mind time and space to embrace your basic principles.

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Exercising Your Mind

Carpathian Mtns of Rumania 

  If we train our minds as diligently as we exercise our bodies, we develop the mental strength and skills to triumph over challenges, much as we acquire the muscles and techniques to scale mountains.

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    Your talk was not just a presentation, it was an extraordinary experience. I have attended hundreds of conferences. Rarely have I been so moved. I did not want the talk to end.
    Eric Ewald, Ewald Consulting, and Incoming President, Midwest Society of Association Executives
    Wow! That was the best inspirational lecture I've heard.
    Geoff Berken, Chairman, Department of Photographic Imaging, Community College of Philadelphia
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