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Unleash Your Creative Vision


  After a lifetime spent as a photographer, thinking about creative vision, I have come to believe that creative vision is nothing more than seeing what is and imagining what it can be. Well, … we all do that! So the question is not whether we have creative vision. The question is what can we do with our creative vision.

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When your head and your heart are at war


  Have you loved an idea logically because, in your head, you knew it was a great break; but dreaded the thought emotionally because, in your heart, you were not ready to make a change? I have found that if you embrace the new concept as an opportunity, you create possibilities in every facet of your life.

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When Your Mind Relaxes

Ferns, Rockport ME 

  Have you ever noticed that it is when your mind relaxes, … when you are out on a walk, taking a shower or dozing off to sleep, … that the analytical and creative facets of your mind get together and come up with promising solutions to the nagging challenges that distort our lives?

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A Holiday Thought For You


  A barricade is nothing more than an invitation to choose a “road less traveled.”* May the New Year bring you the creative vision to find your path. Best wishes for the Holidays. Dick Durrance *With thanks to Robert Frost.

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Power of a Positive Attitude


  Are changes in your life coming at you so fast that you constantly have to adjust? Perhaps you love some of the changes, maybe you hate them. Love them or hate them, we all have to deal with them. When I embrace change as a gift, the positive attitude opens a door to opportunities in every facet of my life.

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Understanding People


  Haven’t you found that when you understand people, you understand their needs … and when you understand their needs, you figure out ways to help them. Isn’t that what life is all about?

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Possibility in Life


  The greatest value in doing something new is that it reminds us of the many possibilities in life.

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Understanding Without Words


  Years ago, I came face to face with this Rumanian shepherd. I looked him in the eyes, and he stared back intensely, creating a powerful moment of understanding. Have you ever experienced a moment like that, understanding without words? I felt like I was not only connecting with the shepherd, but with myself. I hope when you connect with family members, friends, and even strangers, that you not only appreciate them a little more, but understand yourself a bit […]

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The beauty in change

Telluride Golf Club #7 

  How can we not be delighted by the changes that every sunrise and sunset bring to the sky? Why not be equally inspired by the changes that every day brings to our lives?

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    Your talk was not just a presentation, it was an extraordinary experience. I have attended hundreds of conferences. Rarely have I been so moved. I did not want the talk to end.
    Eric Ewald, Ewald Consulting, and Incoming President, Midwest Society of Association Executives
    Wow! That was the best inspirational lecture I've heard.
    Geoff Berken, Chairman, Department of Photographic Imaging, Community College of Philadelphia
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