Dick Durrance was raised in Aspen, Colorado, the son of a legendary ski champion. His father often said to him as he was growing up: “Dicky, only a few people are lucky enough to be champions. But, everybody can dream like a champion, if you are willing to:
* open your eyes and look at the whole situation
* open your mind and logically analyze the situation,
* open your heart and connect with the people involved,

Graced with parents willing to take on the crushing expense of a good education, Dick studied at Andover and Dartmouth College. He came to appreciate that if you use the whole of your mind to unleash your creative vision, you can transform most challenges into wonderful opportunities.

It was a dream hatched as an undergraduate–to canoe the Danube River– that led him through the difficult transition from his life-long dream of skiing in the Olympics to a career in photography.

As a combat photographer in Vietnam, he learned how to open your eyes and see the whole situation around you.

As a National Geographic staff photographer circling the world for seven years, he learned how to open your heart, reach out and connect the people living very different lives in far corners of the world.

As a commercial photographer creating images for global advertising campaigns, he learned how to embrace the analytical and the visual power of your mind communicate your story to specific people.

Dick now travels the country using his stories and photographs to inspire you–whether you are an association leader, high-level executive, professional, creative individual, student or teacher–to use the analytical and the visual power of your mind to unleash your creative vision and bring to the world the very best you have to offer.


  • Military Pictures of the Year: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd
    National Press Photographer’s Association
  • Magazine Photographer of the Year
    White House News Photographers Association
  • Advertising Photographer of the Year,
    American Society of Media Photographers
  • Golf Photograph of the Year,
    International Network of Golf
  • Presidential Medal for Outstanding Leadership and Achievement
    Dartmouth College
  • Top Five Session, ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference
    Top Ten Session, ASAE’s Annual Meeting,
    Finalist, Rising Star of the Year Competition,
    National Speakers Association
Destiny is not a matter of chance, … it is a matter of choice.”
—–William Jennings Bryan