Partner With Pictures

Dick Durrance Described by a former director of photography at National Geographic as one of the most versatile photographers of his generation, Dick Durrance brings to corporate executives, association leaders, medical professionals, financial entrepreneurs and students a uniquely comprehensive understanding of pictures and how images can help them tell their personal and professional stories.

Demonstrating how powerfully pictures and words can work together, he recently shared pictures and notes from a photographic journal he kept from the moment he reported to the U.S Army for duty until he returned from his tour in Vietnam with participants at the TEDxMileHigh event in Denver, CO, on Veteran’s Day 2017. The presentation brought the 5,000 members of the audience to their feet for a sustained standing ovation.

As the only National Geographic photographer ever selected by his peers as the Magazine Photographer of the Year and the Advertising Photographer of the Year, Durrance explores with participants how they can do more with pictures in their lives.

In this Age of Images, when an astonishing 3,200,000,000 photographs are posted on line every day, what participants take away from his keynotes, consulting sessions and photo workshops is an enhanced ability to:

(1) CREATE the VISION they need to shape the best possible future for their organization.

(2) COMMUNICATE that VISION to teammates, clients and prospects.

To enhance the engagement of your audience, Durrance customizes his programs with pictures that are relevant to your participants, either using images from his extensive library of photographs or creating photographs at your facilities.